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Out Now! The K3vin Envoy Foot Stomping Dance Album.  

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K3vin Envoy’s Love Has No Language blends some sweet sounds and these tracks are ready for consumption on the dance scene. Aren’t you just craving this Album?

Love Has No Language is filled with sugary club foot stompers.  “Little Red Dress” introduces some new flavors of dance into the classic progressive house sound with big buildups and drops. “Tell Me Maybe” has a sugary glitch pop sound.  “Got Love” inspires a journey with an uncanny flavor of high energy flow.  While “Emoticons”  and “Here For You” offers a fast moving melody everyone craves.

Love has No Language made its debut on Club Radio EDM.  Since then, Envoy toured in Eastern European nightclubs and other exotic locations. K3vin Envoy received a WOW reception for his EP at Demo Thor Lor, Ku De Ta and Grease. Finally, the highlight of his tour was being invited to play Love Has No Language at the Full Moon Party in Ko Phangan, Thailand!

Recently, K3vin Envoy released Love Has No Langugage under his imprint Envoy Records on Beatport.  As the EDM Scene is looking hotter than ever for his imprint, Envoy offers some sweet additions. 

EDM Ear Candy:

While spanning a half of millennium of musical influences with “#Like”, K3vin Envoy reached a new audience.  While complex, his sound pointed to that natural link between jazz, classical and EDM, or electronic dance music.

“#Like inspires the imagination is heavily influenced and inspired by Gregorian chants and the Latin language. It’s attribute by K3vin’s fascination and fond memories of the smell of incense and the sacred and divine with the many churches visited, especially in childhood. The organ makes its EDM debut in “#Like” with outstanding success.

Add a little glitch pop electronica to this classical beat and you get …

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Catch the K3vin Envoy Dance Music Wave

Traveling through Russia, Thailand and Israel it appears Envoy has been showcasing Love Has No Language and enjoying fan feedback. Away from the main stage U.S. antics of New York, Los Vegas and Miami.  Envoy enjoys a more Eastern EDM Sound creating more than what fans have come to expect from him, while also showing how the Envoy sound is evolving.  The tracks have a more playful, fun sound from the offset; however, it doesn’t end there, some tracks are in overdrive, some groove, while others glide.   Truly Envoy’s Love has no Language took years to build and continues to build strength, moving will into the music scene.