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Sugary Glitch Pop

K3vin Envoy’s Glitch Pop “Tell Me Maybe” 

K3vin Envoy’s ‘Tell Me Maybe’ has got a hot beat. Not to mention, it blends glitch sounds and sweet vocals. Since it has a sweet groove,  it’s fun to dance to. After all, ‘Tell Me Maybe’ has a big room sound with glitch pop heartfelt vibes. But, you should decide for yourself.  Why not have a listen? Furthermore, you’ll have to add this EDM flavor to your dance music!

In addition to a unique sound, it’s got sex appeal.  You know, ‘Tell Me Maybe’ has great success with the ladies. In fact, a few girls have added a heart over the “i” in “K3vin” because they love the song!  However, don’t think that this glitch pop track isn’t for the guys. You know, you want to impress the ladies and get that first date. After all, this is a great way to start a conversation with music.  And, if all else fails, mention Carly Rae Jepsen’s song as a love tragedy, but this song as a win!

K3vin Envoy’s Glitch Pop Shop:

Finally, making a great impression counts.  Equally important, it’s not only music you crave, but looking hot while doing it.  Check out these Envoy fashion trends too! Just like the music, you should sexy up your t-shirts, jeans, not to mention candy hearts and first dates. But, of course, you can decide or say, “Tell Me Maybe”.

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